Exchange Ministries is a non-denominational non-profit ministry, serving men, women and families in the Orlando area and across the nation for over 30 years.
 Exchange Ministries exists to provide inspiration, education, hope and refuge to people seeking to align their sexuality with their identity in Christ. To Educate the church, support and equip families and friends of LGBT+ loved ones. Exchange Ministries has served men, women and families in the Orlando area since 1984.
BELIEFS We believe that Jesus is “The Way, the Truth, and the Life” and through Him the grace and truth of God is fully revealed, whereby we have forgiveness of our sins because of his death and resurrection. We believe through a right relationship with God and healthy relationships with Christian believers, men and women can find emotional healing where same-sex attraction no longer dominates one’s feelings, behavior, and identity.
 We provide local Christian support groups for adult men and women, parents, and couples who are affected in some way by homosexuality. In our support groups, we share, learn, and pray together in a safe and confidential environment. We also provide educational resources to those who call for help.
We thank you for your prayers for us as we serve people in truth and love as the Scriptures calls us all to do.