Support Groups

Exchange is designed to work in conjunction with your relationship with God, Church family, Friends/Family, and other counsel to build a healthy support network.

We provide several support groups:

  • For Men and Women who desire to be defined by their identity in Christ, live according to God’s Word in stewardship of their sexuality and move forward in a transformational relationship with God.
  • For Parents/Family members of LGBTQ+ identified loved ones who want to understand and learn to live in better relationship with their loved ones while fully walking out their biblically based values.
  • For Spouses needing support to navigate these challenges within their marriage.

Through a relationship with God and healthy relationships with others, we learn to live a life of joy that is set apart and in alignment with the Word of God.

In our time of fellowship, we share, learn, and pray together in a safe environment. You will be inspired to be transparent about your struggles and take away applicable biblical truths that build you up to take hold of the hope you have in Jesus Christ. You’ll leave feeling renewed, confident that you are not alone and can take hold of transformational truth to walk boldly in who God created you to be; more than a conqueror in Christ over sin.

For young people under 18 and their families, we are happy to meet with you to discuss available resources.

In addition, we recommend you visit our list of Christian counselors under Resources/Referrals.

Our Meeting Schedule:

All Support Groups: 

Exchange East meets the 1st Sunday of each month, 3pm, at Trinity Church, Deltona.

Exchange Central meets the 1st Monday of each month, 7pm, at Calvary Winter Park. 

All groups meet on-ZOOM on the 3rd Monday, 7pm. To receive the ZOOM link, please email 

Please Contact Us at if you are interested.