Ministry Referrals

All the resources and ministries below uphold the Biblical view that homosexuality is something to turn from and that God, through His love and truth in relationship desires to heal our hearts and transform our lives.

Local Ministries in Orlando/Central Florida: (Orlando)– Support Groups for individuals, family/parents, and spouses who love God and desire His identity and Word to be the defining factor of all things. We support the pursuit of His love and power to bring continued healing to lives and the lives of loved ones.

Fearless Identity (Orlando) – Ministry founded by Pulse Nightclub survivors. Fearless Identity brings hope and understanding to the LGBTQ community and the church through education. biblical clarity, and support in a judgement free environment for those seeking the option to change. They bridge the gap between that marginalized and misunderstood, wounded, and survivors to bring those individuals to wholeness in Jesus Christ.

Journey of Hope Ministries of Brevard JOH– Provides support for individuals and families and is a refuge of hope and a resource of understanding for those affected by homosexuality, for the Church, and for the world. 

New Hearts Outreach (Tampa Bay) – Parents group and one-on-one mentoring/discipleship for men and women

National Ministries:

Exchange Ministries is a member of Restored Hope Network which is a National referral network. Restored Hope Network – works alongside the body of Christ, the Church, and to connect those seeking help with local member ministries and other resources that are available, as well as support, equip and connect the local member ministries. They have extensive resources and information on their website. We are also a member of Transformation Ministry Alliance, another National referral network ministry. Both ministries have national ministry information on their websites and hold Annual Conferences, so please check out their websites.

Help4Families – a ministry that compassionately helps individuals and families grappling with transgender issues.

Changed Movement – a community of friends who once identified as LGBTQ+ but now celebrate the love of Jesus and His freedom with online testimonies.