Recommended Books


Change of Affection by Beckett Cook. Published by Thomas Nelson (July 2019). Available through

Breaking Free: Understanding Sexual Addiction & the Healing Power of Jesus, Russell Willingham, InterVarsity Press, 1999. Available through

Desires in Conflict: Hope for Men Who Struggle With Sexual Identity, Joe Dallas, Harvest House Publishers, 2003. Available through

Crisis in Masculinity, Leanne Payne, Baker, 1999. Available through

Growth into Manhood: Resuming the Journey, Alan Medinger, 2000. Available through Barnes &

Homosexual No More, William Consiglio, Victor Books, 1991. Available through the Restored Hope Network’s Office — email:

Reparative Therapy of Male Homosexuality: A New Clinical Approach, Joseph Nicolosi, Jason Aronson, 1997. Available through Barnes &

Sexual Healing, David Kyle Foster, Pure Passion Media, 2018. Available through PurePassion.US

Wild at Heart: Discovering the Secret of a Man’s Soul, John Eldredge, Thomas Nelson, 2011. Available through


Gay Girl, Good God Jackie Hill-Perry. B & H Publishing (Sept 2008). Available through

All Things New: A Former Lesbians Lifelong Search for Love, Debora Barr. Available through

Free Indeed: One Woman’s Victory Over Lesbianism, Barbara Swallow, 2000. Available through

Out of Egypt, Jeannette Howard, Monarch Publishing, 1991. Available through

Restoring Sexual Identity: Hope for Women Who Struggle with Same-Sex Attraction, Anne Paulk, Harvest House Publishers, 2003, Available through  (Banned by Amazon, July 2019)

The Heart of Female Same-Sex Attraction: A Comprehensive Counseling Resource, Janelle Hallman, Inter-varsity Press, 2008. Available through   (Banned by Amazon July 2019)

Parents and Family

When Homosexuality Hits Home: What to Do When a Family Member Says They’re Gay, Joe Dallas, Harvest House Publishers, 2004. Available through

A Parent’s Guide to Preventing Homosexuality, Joseph Nicolosi and Linda Ames Nicolosi, 2002. Available through Barnes & (Banned by Amazon)

Dangerous Affirmations, Help 4 Families & Denise Shick, 2014. Available through

How Do You Like Me Now?  (DVD) by Mastering Life Ministries and Pure Passion Media, 2016. Available through

Like Mother, Like Daughter? The Effects of Growing Up in a Homosexual Home, Jakii Edwards. Available through

My Daddy’s Secret, Denise Shick, Xulon Press, 2008. Available through

Reconciliation, DVD. Available through Barnes &

Someone I Love is Gay: How Family and Friends Can Respond, Anita Worthen and Bob Davies, IV Press. Available through Barnes &

When Hope Seems Lost, Denise Shick, Xulon Press, 2011. Available through

Where Does a Mother Go to Resign? Barbara Johnson, 1979. Available through