I’m Not Your Idol (Encouragement from One Guy to Another)

I often hear men who struggle with same-sex attraction say things like: “If only I could be like that guy” or “I could never be that guy.” When I hear this, I sometimes wonder if they are referring to a guy like me. I was semi-popular in school, could play sports, had confidence, good grades, got a nice job, wife, and kids – all those things the world says are success.  However, I want to shout: “Don’t strive to be that guy!”

That guy lived a life of self-promotion and self-reliance.  He fooled himself into thinking that hard work and straight living would bring him to the Promised Land.  Then the bubble burst and broken things were everywhere: broken promises, broken marriage, broken kids, broken self.  That guy has spent the last fifteen years undoing all the habits and rules the lies of this world sells.  No, don’t strive to be that guy – being that guy was just as big a dead end as any road taken.

Strive to be God’s man – he has joy in all things, hope when the storms rages, and faith like a child. His first instinct is to run to the Father, to love without prejudice, to give with giddiness, to believe in the vastness of our God, and to pray without ceasing, wearing out his knees. He has that “Where else would I go?” utter dependence on the One Who Gave It All.

Look at your life and see the gifts God has already put there – the things that make you an awesome and unique tool in the hands of the Almighty.  Are you sensitive to others feelings? Wow, is that not who God is?  Do you daydream and imagine crazy things? Hey, God made the platypus!  Are you weak in some way – so was Gideon!

God takes the broken and lowly and does the most amazing things with those who are willing to be used.  And He starts with exactly who you are right now.  And ladies, the same thing goes for you.  Don’t strive to be that gal.  She’s heading down the same dead-end and will have to come all the way back to where you are now: broken and ready to put her life in His hands.

From a husband/father in Exchange Ministries support group